Unveiling Africa Inc. is a non-profit organization and award winning African TV Talk show celebrating and showcasing the stories, struggles, accomplishments and aspirations of the African Diaspora – people of African origin living outside the Continent, who are willing to build true awareness and positively contribute to its development. 

The Unveiling Africa TV Talk Show was recently named BEST NEW PROGRAM 2013 at the BETA (Bronx Excellence in Television Access) awards.  Unveiling Africa reveals the experiences of our sisters’ past, how we arrived at our present destination, our struggles, relationships, and where women of African ancestry all over the world hope to find their future.

Unveiling Africa also invites and encourages the participation of our brothers in this building of consciousness, through dialog and by highlighting our diverse cultures and traditions as expressed through arts, customs, fashion, food, movies, music, politics, etc.

Christine Dako-Macharry is presented with the 2013 BETA award for “Best New Program” on Bronxnet TV, delivers her acceptance speech.