About the Show


It is an attempt at telling our stories through varied experiences and how we have come this far, as well as our goals for the future, by we the women of Africa. It will also look at the relationships between those women of African Ancestry, our African American sisters, together with those first generation African women in order that we might sometimes see how similar or otherwise our goals are than we portend. 

Unveiling Africa is a non profit organization whose primary motive is to use the medium of television to espouse and showcase the stories, struggles, aspirations and accomplishments of the African woman, those of African descent including-American, Caribbean and Hispanic women, and other women who share the aspirations and goals of the 21st century modern day woman; in the Diaspora and beyond.

It will highlight our diverse cultural and traditional way of living through fashion, customs, food,arts movies, music, education,etc. Finally, it is important to highlight our men who have supported and empowered our women in the climb to ultimate success and enriched our lives in all aspects. It will reveal what makes us tick! It is titillating,sensational, unique and UNVEILING!!!!